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We are always looking for original congenital heart disease articles written by doctors and their team, including fellows, about a case study with a new technique or product used, research results, professional observations, reports of meetings, or human interest stories. There are no publication fees. We ask you to submit your article topic along with a brief description and when you can complete the article based on your schedule. If your article is approved, we will contact you with a publication date. Most articles are published within six months of the submission date. Please keep us in mind as you come across topics or situations that might be helpful to your colleagues.

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Editorial Board

Teiji Akagi, MD
Zohair Al Halees, MD
Mazeni Alwi, MD
Felix Berger, MD
Jacek Bialkowski, MD
Fadi Bitar, MD
Mario Carminati, MD
Anthony C. Chang, MD, MBA
John P. Cheatham, MD
Bharat Dalvi, MD, MBBS, DM
Horacio Faella, MD
Yun-Ching Fu, MD
Felipe Heusser, MD
Ziyad M. Hijazi, MD, MPH
Ralf Holzer, MD
Marshall Jacobs, MD
R. Krishna Kumar, MD, DM, MBBS
John Lamberti, MD

Gerald Ross Marx, MD
Tarek S. Momenah, MBBS, DCH
John W. Moore, MD, MPH
Toshio Nakanishi, MD, PhD
Carlos A. C. Pedra, MD
Daniel Penny, MD
James C. Perry, MD
Shakeel A. Qureshi, MD
P. Symasunder Rao, MD
Andrew Redington, MD
Carlos E. Ruiz, MD, PhD
Girish S. Shirali, MD, MBBS
Horst Sievert, MD
Hideshi Tomita, MD
Gil Wernovsky, MD
Zhuoming Xu, MD, PhD
William C. L. Yip, MD
Carlos Zabel, MD

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